Recent Media

Business Wire – January 9, 2019. Brooke is quoted in an industry article on the importance of periodically reviewing automatic expenditures. "10 Financial Planning Tips from the AICPA to Start 2019 Off Right." Business Wire

AICPA PFP Summit – 2019. Brooke accepted a role on the 2019 Conference Planning Committee for AICPA’s annual Personal Financial Planning Summit. 



AICPA – December 27, 2018. Brooke participated in a podcast hosted by the American Institute of CPAs, "2018 Looking back & looking forward {PFP Section}"

Journal of Accountancy – October 25, 2018. Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on the importance of planning for inflation. "Financial satisfaction measure hits record for 5th straight quarter"

Financial Planning Online Magazine – September 11, 2018.  Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on financial planning for equestrians. "Planning for a hobby that costs almost as much as children" Financial Planning 

AICPA – September 7, 2018.  Brooke participated in a podcast hosted by the American Institute of CPAs, "How to serve as your clients’ primary point of contact in planning & tax advisory services." AICPA

AICPA ENGAGE – June 9-10, 2018. Brooke accepted a position as a Panelist for AICPA's 2018 ENGAGE Conference pre-event workshop, Building a Tax and Financial Planning Advisory Business Workshop. 

Journal of Accountancy – February 1, 2018. Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on how financial planning software positively impacts the client and the advisor-client relationship. "How to choose the right software for retirement planning"

Journal of Accountancy – January 25, 2018. Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on financial well-being and its relation to the financial crisis. "Americans’ financial well-being continues upward trend"

AICPA PFP Summit – 2018. Brooke accepted a role on the 2018 Conference Planning Committee for AICPA’s annual Personal Financial Planning Summit.



The Washington Post – December 26, 2017.  Brooke is quoted on implications from changes to the tax brackets. "Start 2018 with a new strategy for your taxes" The Washington Post

CalCPA – December 21, 2017.  Brooke participated in a podcast hosted by California's Society of CPAs, "Why Your Life Vision Should Influence Your Financial Plan," regarding life vision and goals. CalCPA Financial Empowerment

AICPA – November 21, 2017.  Brooke is appointed to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Personal Financial Planning Executive Committee for 2018-2019.

AICPA Website and AICPA PFP News – October 12, 2017.  In this video recording, "Estate Planning Essentials for Everyone," Brooke talks about the importance of estate planning, and provides information on documentation, creating a plan, and other valuable resources. AICPA

CalCPA Online Magazine – June 2017. In Brooke's article entitled "Unraveling Unpredictability," she explains how to effectively use scenario analysis to help clients deal with uncertainty. CalCPA 

Financial Planning Online Magazine – May 23, 2017.  Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on the challenges related to passing on a vacation home. "Save clients from tax pitfalls, family strife when passing on that lake cabin" Financial Planning 

Financial Planning Online Magazine – March 16, 2017.  Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on how there should be no further delay in the application of the fiduciary rule. "Fiduciary rule delay unleashes torrent of public commentary" Financial Planning 

Journal of Accountancy – January 9, 2017.  Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on what factors to consider when contemplating moving after retirement. "Best places to retire? It's complicated"


Media From Previous Years

CalCPA – May 5, 2016.  Brooke Salvini assumes Chair of the California Society of CPA’s Personal Financial Planning State Committee for the 2016 – 2018 fiscal years. CalCPA 

Yahoo News Online – February 28, 2016.  In the article, Millennials Rock the Financial Planning World, the multitude of rapidly changing investment advisor choices and current tech tool trends are described.  The millennial generation has attitudes and beliefs that are forcing many changes to traditional planning platforms.  But, as Brooke states in the last paragraph, financial planning needs have numerous components, and even the newest investment technologies only address a portion of her clients' overall planning needs.

Los Angeles Times – January 15, 2016.  In the aftermath of the largest ever POWERBALL jackpot, and with one of the 3 winners being from California, Brooke gives some professional tax advice for these types of windfalls.

Financial Planning Online Magazine – January 15, 2016.  Brooke is quoted in an industry journal article on how in some situations, collaboration with other professionals will serve her clients best and can also gain some valuable referrals. "Play Quarterback to Win the Referral GameFinancial Planning

2016 – Brooke is selected to serve as a board member trustee for the Avila Beach Community Foundation.   She feels fortunate to give back to community by serving a 3-year term.  For more information on the Foundation and our local beach area residents it serves, please see:  Avila Beach Community Foundation

2015 – December - AICPA, PFP Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.  To be held in January, 2016. A Sneak Peek has just been published for the pre-conference workshop. Brooke will be serving as the workshop leader and will be coordinating the experts and their valuable contributions to industry participants.  Here is an advance copy of the brochure.

2015  Financial Planning 'Invested in Advisors' Magazine- July 10, 2015.  In this online article, Brooke gives details about how Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) are partially tax-deferred, and how they can get complicated once distributed in either a trust or multiple state scenario.  A way to simplify is by investing in a fund instead.  A 1099 would show which income is taxable, and there could be more investment options with mutual funds, closed-end funds or ETF's.  Read the entire article here:  MLP TAXES

2015 - CalCPA- Brooke receives the Vince Chin State Committee Service Award for her outstanding dedicated service toward the mission of CalCPA and the PFP Committee. 

2014 – CalCPA- Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS, CFP® appointed to the Vice-Chair position on the PFP State Committee. 

2013 AICPA Accounting Competition – November, 2013 - This was the 4th annual case competition that the AICPA developed to increase awareness and for undergraduate students to demonstrate skills by taking on roles of financial planners for a virtual client. The winning team competed for a trip to Washington, D.C. Brooke was asked to served as a Semi Finalist Judge. More information for aspiring CPA's can be found at

The Wall Street - October 15, 2013, In the Wealth Adviser "Voices" section, Brooke gives insight into a less technical, but equally important part of Financial Planning. She explains how she collaborates with clients in the article, "Helping Clients Reach their Personal Goals"

California CPA Magagine - California Society of CPA's - June 2013. Brooke is not only given the cover in this industry publication, but also writes the feature article, "Empowering Clients to Make Good Financial Decisions". Consumer Education - May 2013, In the blog post "Five Rules for Lending Money to Family and Friends" , Brooke offers some great advice to keep lending or borrowing within the family a positive experience.

Baltimore Sun-Business Section/Journey - April 26, 2013, Brooke helps to answer a retirement question regarding whether a lump sum or an annuity is best.

New Times, Brides Issue - February 2013, Brooke contributes to the article "For love of Money", found on pages 6-8. Here Brooke advises that new couples can find that discussions about the future with the one you love can be very romantic.

KSBY News - January 25, 2013, Brooke is interviewed and gives advice regarding the right time to invest in your retirement.

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