CNN Money - November 20, 2012- The Help Desk- Personal Finance FAQ's, Brooke helps answer the question "How do I start Investing?"

CalCPA - June 2012 - Brooke Salvini is appointed to the CalCPA Education Foundation Investment Committee.

The Washington Post, Business - April 16, 2012, "Newlyweds take heed: 7 steps to steer clear of marital money problems" Here Brooke stresses the importance of money conversations and disclosures to new couples in order to create goals and budgets.

Pacific Coast Business Times - April 13-19, 2012, "Timing your Death: What a difference a day makes" Brooke gives advice for Estate Planning due to the upcoming changes for estate taxes.

AICPA - February, 2012 marks the 25 Year Anniversary of the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) Program. See this video celebrating 25 years of the PFS credential and the significance of CPAs advising individuals. AICPA PFS Anniversary Video Link

CalCPA - January 18th, 2012 - Brooke attends "CPA Day at the Capitol" in Sacramento, California, and is pictured with fellow CPA's at the Council Meeting Reception.