Initial Inquiry

  • Describe – We will explain the financial planning process, more about our Fee-Only commitment, and learn  a bit about you.
  • Questions – Ask them! We are pleased to discuss how we can help you.
  • Next Step – If we both feel Salvini Financial Planning can meet your needs, then we will schedule a no obligation, Get Acquainted meeting.

Get Acquainted

  • Prepare – To help us serve you, we provide a Confidential Questionnaire for you to bring to our meeting. You may also want to review “How to Select a Financial Advisor.
  • Discuss – During our ½ hour meeting we will ascertain your goals and financial issues, and we will both decide if we will be the financial team you need.
  • Service Agreement – As we conclude, you will receive a Service Agreement and fee estimate. If you choose to retain us then we will take your signature and a deposit of ½ the fee estimate or $500, whichever is less.

Data Gathering

  • Documentation – We will identify any documentation necessary to prepare your plan.
  • Meeting – More than likely, we will have an interim meeting either in person or via phone.
  • Clarification – Questions will be answered or additional documents requested, so that we can finalize the analysis of your situation.  

Financial Plan

  • Presentation –  We will meet and your individualized report will be explained. 
  • Collaboration – Interactive discussions of observations, analysis, and recommendations.
  • Plan –You will take home your personalized, written plan, and provide remaining payment.


  • Action – Following the detailed action directives from the presentation, you will implement your plan.
  • Follow-Up – We anticipate you may have additional questions as you proceed. We are always interested in answering your questions and concerns should they arise, and additional meetings are available upon your request, or if we feel further meetings would best suite your scenario.
  • Options – Similar to managing other aspects of your health, “financial check-ups” are an important part of the process. We recommend annual reviews or as life changes necessitate. Implementation assistance is also available upon request.


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