Fidelity Investors Publications – August 25, 2009 “ An Education in 529 College Savings Plans ” "You should consider your gift choices carefully," says Brooke Salvini. Gifts of cash, securities, or savings bonds may actually reduce the childs chance of qualifying for financial aid. 529 accounts are counted more favorably for financial aid as an asset of the parent rather than the child.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – February 23, 2009 “ Q & A: How a Home fits into the Financial Puzzle ” “Investing in the stock market is just for money that you won’t need for three to five years,” says Brooke Salvini. Don’t risk the money you want to spend on a house in the next few years in the stock market.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – February 2009 “ Personal Finance for Military Families ” A comprehensive financial reference guide for those deployed and their families, including saving strategies, tactics, and military specific resources. See Brooke’s comments on page 12 of this article.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – January, 2009 “ Special Handling of Sudden Wealth ” Goals and guidelines are offered as to how to best improve your financial situation when you are presented with unexpected money. In this article, Brooke Salvini, a CPA and financial advisor in San Luis Obispo, CA, recommends that you put an influx of cash into a savings account with an online bank such as HSBC or ING Direct, while plotting your next move.