We specialize in customized planning and coaching for our clients in 3 important areas:

  • Advice: Thoughtful and personal recommendations from an objective professional who is focused on your individual goals and values. Our desire is to know your financial situation in detail, and be committed to help you achieve every success that you desire.

  • Investments: A strategic approach that emphasizes diversification, low cost, and tax efficiency while accommodating your individual portfolio.

  • Financial Planning: A thorough approach to include your financial goals, retirement, cash flow, education funding and estate planning.

Our services menu for individuals, families, and employers can be described in further detail as follows:


    Retirement and Financial Independence

  • A typical retirement planning engagement includes a data gathering session, in-office interactive planning, development of your personal financial snapshot, a risk sensitivity evaluation, a personalized goal based financial projection with up to 3 alternative scenarios, planning recommendations, and an action plan discussed during the presentation meeting. An annual Financial Check-Up is recommended.


    Asset Allocation and Investment Analysis

  • A typical Investment Analysis includes a review of your current investments, an evaluation of your risk sensitivity, development of an Investment Policy Statement covering asset allocation and account location strategies, investment education materials, and recommended portfolio changes summarized in an action plan. The analysis is presented during an in-office meeting unless you request documents only. An annual Investment Analysis is recommended. Quarterly investment monitoring is available upon request.


    Cash Flow

  • We work together to develop a clear understanding of your current cash flow then apply the magnifying glass to analyze spending habits for savings opportunities and consistency with personal goals. This analysis also includes the development of a personal financial snapshot, money style profile, savings and wealth accumulation strategies, and a detailed action plan reviewed during our interactive planning session. Your Cash Flow review is most effective when followed by two quarterly update meetings.


    College Funding

  • Your College Funding Plan will include development of college savings goals, calculation of the amount required to cover anticipated college costs, identification of financial and tax planning strategies based on your personal financial snapshot to maximize resources and minimize college costs, savings strategies, and college funding reference materials. Bi-annual Check Ups are recommended to respond to the ever changing college environment. Within 5 years of college, annual College Check Ups are recommended.


    Risk Management

  • We will review your current insurance policies and areas in which you choose not to insure. In depth policy evaluation and recommendation is available through outside licensed insurance experts. The Risk Management review also includes a life, disability, and/or long term care insurance needs analysis.


    Tax Planning

  • This analysis includes a comprehensive review of your 1040 tax return for specific tax planning and savings opportunities. Tax planning is also available as an overlay on all other planning modules.


    One Time Specific Financial Question

  • Answer to or Recommendation related to one specific topic, or a two hour interactive planning session addressing as many issues as possible during that time period.


    Estate Planning

  • Review of basic estate planning documents, discussion of legacy desires and implementation strategies, charitable giving and gifting strategies.


    Employer Provided Retirement Plans

  • Identify the right retirement plan for your business and retirement goals, assist in the evaluation and retention of a third party plan administrator, recommend best practices and develop an Investment Policy Statement, evaluate investment options, provide on-going employee investment education, provide annual investment review.