Making our Miles for Financial Literacy Count!

Brooke Salvini |

Miles in OCT_1.jpgon the road photo crop.jpg

We are getting close to our goal of running the Half Marathon this Mid-November.  Training has involved building up to logging up to 25-30 miles weekly for almost 12 weeks now.  There are many training tools available to track your miles, chart your course, and analyze your sessions.  It is fascinating to see that in my Nike App, I have logged 555 miles over the last 3 years!  One amazing app that I have just discovered is called Charity Miles, where you can download an app (available for both IPhone and Android), and for every mile that that is walked, run, or biked, a monetary amount will be donated.  More info can be found at Charity  Pretty cool stuff!

On the topic of cool tools to assist with tracking donations, there are some other great phone apps that can keep track of non-cash donations that can help make at least one portion of your tax prep a breeze.  DonationAssist is a free app for IOS and Android released by TaxACT.  It has some amazing features that allow you to continually keep a donation record through our the year, and access detailed reports for your tax return.  You can see more at  The donation tracking app to download to your phone is on their Home Page.

Meanwhile, we will continue with our last few weeks of training, and enjoy the fact that most of the long, hard runs are behind us.  Only one more 13.1 mile distance to conquer, and we can feel a sense of two-fold accomplishment for reaching our goal, and running for the important cause of financial literacy awareness!