Grab It Book

Brooke Salvini |

Last weekend while preparing papers for taxes I realized our “Grab It Book” was terribly out of date.  These days it’s hard to know if it’s best to keep these most important documents as hardcopies or electronic. I’ve opted to do both. The old fashion binder will come in handy if there is an extended power outage or internet disruption.

Here are some of the items in our book:

Insurance policies (not just declaration pages but the actual policy); Home, Auto, Disability, Life, Umbrella,……..

Trust, Will, Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney(s)

Organ donation wishes (ie. on the driver’s license)

Critical prescriptions, vaccination records for parents/children/pets, other key health information

Pet licenses and registrations (i.e. Pet Link)

Photocopy of wallet contents

Photocopy of vital records (birth and baptismal certificates, marriage licenses, professional licenses, passports, social security cards)

Photos of personal property

List of Key Contacts

Items better kept in a Safety Deposit Box:

Original vital records, deeds, pink slips, agreements, decrees, notes, photo negatives/photo CD, sentimental documents, small valuables