Garrett Planning Network recently acknowledged by President Obama

Brooke Salvini |



Yesterday, while speaking at the AARP Headquarters, President Obama both recognized Sheryl Garrett for her work and quoted her.  I am pleased to share this short video clip with you, especially as this year will mark my 10 th Anniversary as a member of the Garrett Planning Network.

The shared philosophy of all members of the Network spearheaded by Sheryl Garrett, the founder, is that financial advice is best made available on a fee-only hourly basis by advisors willing to take on a fiduciary duty to their clients. This idea was unique and controversial 15 years ago, but I’m excited to say it has become recognized as important to the financial health of our country even if it remains unloved by the giant financial services companies.  I have also found the collaboration with my Garrett Planning Network colleagues to be a valuable resource as I strive to do best for my clients.

Regards, Brooke