Did I take my own advice about college planning

Brooke Salvini |

My son is a senior in high school this year so I’m experiencing the college application process up close and personal.  October 1st is the opening of the application season for many Universities including the Cal State system. I thought you might find it amusing to hear my experience since I give college planning advice with confidence but I’m not sure how it will actually unfold in my own household.  So far my son seems to be on track but I can’t shake a nagging feeling that he’s (we’re) behind. We’ve visited several college campuses, have been saving as best we can for many years, and are living this year with the FAFSA in mind. No major emotional blow ups as of yet but it’s probably still too early. It requires an amazing amount of self control to let my son lead this process like the college counselor recommends.  We have papers, forms, and brochures scattered all over the table and try not to spill on them at dinner. I’ll keep you posted.