How Much?

Are you wondering how much you can withdraw every month from you portfolio? How much you will save by paying an additional $200 per month on your mortgage? How much you will have in a Roth IRA verses a Traditional IRA after 5 years?

Grab It Book

Last weekend while preparing papers for taxes I realized our “Grab It Book” was terribly out of date.  These days it’s hard to know if it’s best to keep these most important documents as hardcopies or electronic. I’ve opted to do both. The old fashion binder will come in handy if there is an extended power outage or internet disruption.

Proposal to Limit “Stretch” IRA’s

You should be aware that Congress is considering action to limit the ability to “stretch” the tax deferral of retirement plan and IRA money inherited by children and grandchildren. See the article below posted to the Wall Street Journal Washington Wire Blog today.
I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Accounts In Dispute

I learned something interesting last week from a mortgage banker in my professional resources group. Leanne has noticed many more credit reports from her clients that contain accounts in dispute.

Happy 2012! Here is Salvini Financial Planning having some Holiday Fun!


Windows and Walls

Last week we received our new homeowners insurance policy and renewal statement.
Why is this worth a blog post?
Because I actually read the policy!
And sure enough, I learned some things about our coverage that I didn’t know.

Charitable Organizations Lose Tax Exempt Status

Americans are the most generous people and that likely includes you. Though your generosity is probably not motivated by the tax deduction, it would be unfortunate to learn that your gift is not deductible.
If your charity of choice does not maintain proper IRS filings it will loose it’s tax exempt status and you’ll be out a deduction.

College Applications

The college application process has been a near full time occupation since I blogged back in October. No matter how responsible your high school senior, I highly recommend a team effort within the family. Too many details and deadlines to keep track of alone on top of academics and extracurriculars.


Robert-Business-Photo.jpgRobert B. Friedland, Ph.D., AIF® is a fellow Garrett Planning Network colleague and principal of Friedland Financial Planning, Inc., in Rockville, MD.

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