Interest Rates on the Rise

With Spring in the air, change may be on the way.  The Federal Reserve Board could be close to raising the interest rates as we’ve been anticipating for many months.  With that in mind, I wanted to repost information from August 2013 that I sent out as it is timely once again to put the situation into perspective. 

Garrett Planning Network recently acknowledged by President Obama



Time to 'SHED' and see what happens

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Conference Highlights

I've just returned from my annual pilgrimage to the AICPA PFP Conference. This is a chance for me to spend 3 intense days with my CPA financial planner colleagues and friends. I'm exhausted as always from the sheer volume of valuable information I absorbed.

Market Valuation

Market Valuation

In this blog post we discuss how long term strategic investors can think about and use market valuation information.

2014 Market Insights

2014 Market Insights
A Good Year for U.S. Stocks

As of the end of 2014, the S&P 500 has grown a bit more than 200% in a relatively steady climb since March 2009. For the 3rd year in a row the ascent has been made without even a modest 10% correction. Compared to history, this bull market has been unusually strong.

Making our Miles for Financial Literacy Count!

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Miles for Financial Literacy


Goal setting can come easily for some people, and that is great, but as long as it doesn't end there.  Setting the goal and thinking or dreaming about the end product and achieving the goal itself are not the hard parts of the project. It is middle part of "getting there" or the "doing" that can prove to be challenging. Depending on the goal, this process can be months or years away-that takes patience, consistancy, and most of the time: Hard Work. 

The sport of running is really all about the building blocks and for me is always Hard Work.  I had never really enjoyed running just for the act of it, I have had to really work at learning to enjoy it.  Even then, with too much time off, I must build back up, go through the grueling hard runs again, before the enjoyment of the finish starts to creep back to me. 

A Tax Planning List to make your tax prep easier and more accurate.


Avila Beach in January.

It’s that time of year. Very shortly your tax preparer will be sending you an Organizer for your 2013 tax return.

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